Со Wonder до патување од соништата!


Wonder Camp is an extraodrinary exerience that will take you to your dream trip! Wonder Camp becomes the FIRST Camp with its OWN TRAVEL AGENCY called “Holiyay Travel”. Our Team can help you arrange your trip from your hometown to one of our Camps in order to have unforgettable experiences for you and your friends and families. Take an opportunity to visit some interesting places and attractions in the cities you are passing through with one or more than one night stay.

When you are on the camp do not miss having an excursion in the city in which the camp is taking place. If you want to visit city attractions, or see fountains in Rome, or take a boat trip in Istanbul or Venice, even if you want to increase your adrenaline by visiting Aqua parks, you can ask us to help you.

Reasons to trust us and be your Trip Planner:

Work experience is a valuable asset!

15yrs experience working in the field of trip planning, tour organization and managing while organizing big events visited by more than 1000 people.

Be creative, get inspired!

Customizable tours and trips, everything tailored to your needs and preferences demanding only a few minutes of your time. We are here with the best possible suggestions while making the process ridiculously easy and simple.

One organization, million reasons to work with us!

Get everything done with one organization. We will save you time, energy and most important money, while providing a variety of services offered by our organization such as different sport and language camp destinations, trip planning, hotel bookings, air tickets, water and land transportation, visiting famous touristic sights and events as well as experiencing the places you visit to the max with an official tour guide on spot.

Our organization in numbers!

10+ countries in our offer, 10+ reliable and long year partners of our organization who will help you to have the best camp experience.Be part of our growing community, contact us to see what we can offer.

Who’s behind the “wheel”?!

Team of enthusiastic travelers who are working hard to provide flawless service and travel experience for you, always ready to help, be on spot to travel with you and navigate everything to the tiniest detail, ready to suggest and guide you through the whole process. The combination of work and travel makes this the perfect job for every member of our team, doing the things we love and sharing our experiences with YOU!

Do not hesitate to contact us because it is our pleasure organizing everything for you.